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New Year’s Gratitude

Happy New Years everyone!  I would like to take this time to thank you all for reading these past three months, and to send a special shout-out to a few special bloggers.  First, I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Kana’s Chronicles, Lady Fairybread and Momma’s Money Matters.  I’m really honoured you listed me along with all those great blogs.  Second, Cinhosa listed one of my posts, Stuck in the Ditch, as one of his top 5 for the year.  Again, thanks for including me with such a super group.  It’s really been an priviledge being involved with such a wonderful blogging community.

Since I am the most disorganized person when it comes to myself, my list of 15 Blogs to pass the Versatile Blogger Award to keeps getting winnowed down as other bloggers beat me to the punch, and nominate them before I can.  So….I figure it’s now or never if I am going to complete the other portion of the award:  Listing 7 little known facts about myself.  Enjoy!

1) I hate New Year’s Eve.  It will be forever enshrined in my memory as the time of year when I hold some girl’s hair.  I used to be quite belligerent about this, and walk around proclaiming that I was going to have a March 12th Eve party, when everyone could get excited at midnight for no apparent reason.  Someone once said that New Year’s Eve was like sitting around waiting for your plane at the airport.  Now I’m calmer and I just stay in and make cinnamon buns.

2) The biggest award I have ever won (other than this one!) was in Grade 1.  I drew the best picture representing the Block Parent Program.  I got a colouring book as a prize and realized that I had pretty much peaked at age 6.   I remember thinking “I thought that when I won something, I would be older and it would be bigger.”

3) I wrote my Honour’s Thesis on the 18th Century, English chemist Joseph Priestley’s rejection of oxygen theory in favour of phlogiston.  Priestley was a Unitarian Minister and Natural Philosopher who saw the unfolding knowledge of the natural world as leading directly to a millenarian perfection of the world.  He was also a buddy of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.  And, for fans of the fizzy drink, he invented carbonated beverages.

4) The only problem with my paper, was that when the department had it bound, whoever did it typed “ON” instead of “OF” so the spine reads:  PRIESTLEY’S REJECTION ON OXYGEN THEORY.  Everyone who now sees it will think I’m one of those semi-illiterate liberal arts grads who spends half her life in school and still can’t write.  I’ve thought of sneaking into the History Honour’s Lounge and stealing it, but my vanity gets the better of me.  Plus, I think they would notice some middle aged woman pushing a stroller.

5) I used to have a Springer Spaniel and I wanted to call her Phlogiston, after my thesis topic.  I thought we could shorten it to “Phlog the Dog.”  But my husband said he wanted to call her Karma, after the song “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club.  As soon as he said it, I knew his idea was better, but I kept arguing.  Then, I tried to convince him that we needed another Springer, so we could call him Kismet — get it?  Karma and Kismet.  He just sort of mumbled and walked off.  After writing this and my post on my identical homemade Christmas Stockings, I realize that I really have a problem with over-matching.

6) For a while I was the youngest person to ever cause a car accident in Ontario.  I was only two and managed to push the gear stick into neutral, causing my Grandmother’s Pontiac to roll down a gentle slope and hit another car.  Then, when I was 16 I rode my bike down a 7° incline, fell off and broke my ankle.  I now live on the Prairie, and plan on retiring to Saskatchewan.

7) I live in my head.  One the good things for me about blogging, is that it has forced me to actually type the comments that I make rather than just think them.  I also respond to peoples’ emails and Facebook posts, but forget to actually do it in the physical world.  So, if you are wondering why you never heard back from me, it’s because Brain Liz did it.

Hey, this was less stressful than my INTJ personality type thought it would be.

Have an amazing, super 2012 full of God’s blessings and wonderful memories!


Thank you! And please hold…

I used that line when I was a receptionist.  I would pick up the phone and say “Good afternoon, (Business Name.) Thanks for holding!” in an uber-cheerful voice, and before the caller could argue, hit the hold button.  Hey, when the switchboard’s lighting up, and you have three people standing in front of you waiting for appointments, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Which brings me to the first order of business:  Thank you, thank you, thank you Kana!  Kana from Kana’s Notebook, generously and shockingly nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award.  Shocking!   You are a shocking woman, Ms. Kana!  But, I would like to thank you for considering me a good read, especially in light of the wonderful writing that you post day after day.

…for holding!

I’ll be passing the Award along, and listing 7 things about myself in a couple of days.  This weekend involves a boy’s birthday, babysitters, a sleepover, meetings and enough precision planning to launch the Prussian Army on a winter campaign.  Why right now a 6, 4 and almost 3 year old are eating a Peep! on a stick left over from Easter.  And it’s not even 10:30 a.m.  Yep, buckle up folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride (or depending on how many Peeps! are found: crunchy.)

So, thanks again!  And if you can hold on a sec, I’ll be passing that award along to some deserving bloggers.  Or regaling you with what eight-month old Peeps! do to the under 6 set.  Well, hopefully not the last one….

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