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Does your kid need preschool?

Kudos to mom Laura Armstrong for resisting High-Value Offspring parenting!  In this article in the National Post on preschools, Laura says that she doesn’t think they are necessary:

“People don’t see the benefit of the child being with their parents,” she said.

“I don’t think preschool is awful or anything, I just think it’s unnecessary. It’s a form of child care that parents can feel good about.”

If a kids can get into college and never step foot in a traditional school, it probably a good bet that a parent can get a kid ready for Kindergarten without shelling out $12500-$3000.  Just buy a copy of Ruth Beechick’s The Three R’s and check the Ministry of Education’s Kindergarten readiness checklist.  Maybe some workbooks at Costco.  Visit the library.

Two of mine went to preschool, and one didn’t, and the youngster had the worst school experience was a preschool kid.  Trust me, your kid will be fine without preschool.  And you won’t feel so broke!


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