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Mom’s First Day Jitters and Reassuring Slime

I have a bone to pick with you Kindergarten Teachers:  Stop taking our children away!  I just let another one go.  Little, tiny, adorable Princess couldn’t wait to climb on board the bus for her First Day.  She didn’t even want to turn around and wave good-bye.  I had to shout at her!  She was all, “It’s a new day and change is good and I can’t wait to get going.”  The only other people who talk like have just lost their jobs, and even they don’t really mean it.  But apparently my five year old does.

AND THEN, she sits on the opposite side of the bus from our house, so she can’t stare out the window and watch me waving frantically.   Just go on and forgot all about your poor Mother, sitting at home, counting the minutes until she can come and pick you up.  It’s not like I have a heart to break, or anything.  <Sigh>

Big Boy understood.  As soon as Princess was gone, he tucked his chin into his chest, and said in a soft, low voice, “I miss her so, so much.”  No more wallowing for me, now I had to buck up and buck him up, too.  I couldn’t take him to McDonald’s for the traditional too-little-for-the-beginning-of-school treat, (he was still coughing up his lungs.)  Instead, we made slime.

Slime, in case you had any doubt in your mind, works best with boys, though girls dig it, too.  There is something about mixing Borax into blue goo with your hands that provides a necessary comfort and distraction.  Perfect activity for not missing someone.   Big Boy was smitten with his blue gunk.  It was slapped, stretched, punched, poked, ripped apart and then put back together.  I showed him how to hide small toys inside, and suddenly, a monster emerged on the kitchen table, eating an entire parking lots of Hot Wheels, before being subdued with a toy pistol.  He was giggling and wiggling, and I was wondering how I was going to survive doing this again when he goes off to school next year.  I have a little less than 12 months to say start to say good-bye.

I picked Princess up from school.  They tried to put her on the bus on the way home, but luckily, the School Board’s procedures caught the mistake.  I ran out front with her teacher to grab her, and she was standing with the Monitor, holding a big person’s hand.  She looked so small there, her blonde pigtails barely reaching the adult’s waist.  We walked back into the school atrium where the rest where waiting.  My entire brood was there, and they, too, looked so small squashed together by the couch, as then entire 10 grades flowed past out the door.  All the people I to miss when they leave.

Tall Girl kept making comments all day about what I should do when all the kids are grown and have left home.  “What brings this up?  You thinking about when you move out one day?”

“Well…I don’t really want to learn how to drive, so…No.  I think I’ll stay here.  Is that okay?”

Two weeks ago I would have launched into a lecture about responsibility and adulthood, and making your own path.  But that was before I had to kiss another soft, little cheek, and watch her walk up the steps of the bus.

“Of course it’s okay, Sweetheart.  You can stay as long with us as long as you like.”


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5 thoughts on “Mom’s First Day Jitters and Reassuring Slime

  1. When do you think it’s going to change, when they decide they actually don’t want to live with us forever?

    • Probably until they do learn to drive. Then, they’ll want to do their own thing without our opinions on it!

    • My 5 year old informed me yesterday that he is going to move out when he’s a grown-up, but he’s going to live next door to make sure he doesn’t miss us too much. (Luckily for him the house is for sale; and the market is down now so he might be able to get a good price.)

      Princess looks so precious climbing up those bus steps! Hope she continues to enjoy kindergarten!

  2. Allandar on said:

    Through my tears I studied the picture of big boy and had a most profound thought…”that’s a lot of slime!”

  3. What a wonderful post!

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