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Are We All a Bunch of Braggarts?

Check out this awesome article at the Wall Street Journal about bragging and social media (like, maybe, the Blogosphere would be included?)  Are We All Braggarts Now? –

As Elizabeth Bernstein writes,

Changes in parenting style also play a role. Nowadays, every moment—first day of school, exhausted nap in the back seat of the car—is documented. The problem is that these shared moments can easily come off as crowing about how great Mom and Dad are to have raised such an adorable kid.

We’ve become so accustomed to boasting that we don’t even realize what we’re doing. And it’s harmful to our relationships because it turns people off.

Read the rest here.  I remember 25 years ago, being told by an older co-worker to “never say anything negative.”

People don’t like downers, she said.  If you say something, make it positive.  If someone asks how your trip was, say it was great, even if you spent the entire time indoors eating Dorritos from the vending machine and making up dialogue with the TV turned down.

As for parenting, and as a parent blogger, you have to wonder how all this “look nice Luv, I want to put this picture on Facebook” is warping our kids minds and view of the world.  But is there a corollary of “suckitude bragging”?  You know, the folks that no matter how bad you’ve got it, they’ve got it one stroke worse?

Anyways.  I’ve got to fold laundry while standing on my un-vacuumed carpet while I gaze out the window at my no-longer-weeded garden.  I told the kids to get out their pj’s but they ignored me.

There.  I hope that made you feel better.


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3 thoughts on “Are We All a Bunch of Braggarts?

  1. I think social media is like all forms of “being social.” We will run into people who judge us no matter what. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that we can’t please everyone all of the time, so we may as well be happy with who we are and do and say what feels right to us (online and in person).

    I think we are in sort of a “Facebook” wave of excitement now that will eventually die down or be replaced so that ultimately our children being posted all over our pages will be nothing more than photo albums (only not nearly as fun to look at) and have very little long lasting impact on their egos.

    Nonetheless, I think the impact of blogging and communicating online will dramatically change the world in a positve way (and dramatically increase the amount of money orthopedic surgeons make as they repair finger, wrist, and elbow damage as a result of years of computer use starting at age two).

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