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When a Baby is Born

When a baby is born you realize that the life you were living which seemed complete, really wasn’t.   You thought your heart was full, but now you realize that it was really one adorable 6 lb 13 oz size too small.  You see that even though you thought you had it all figured out, most of the wonderfulness of life is beyond your control, and you are just lucky to go along for the ride.   And you suddenly see how photogenic yoghurt can make a face.

One year ago today I went for an appointment with my Doctor, and 4 hours later I had a baby girl.  By the time the kids walked in the door after school, they were one sibling up the family ladder.  Nothing with parenthood is how you expect.

In this past year Baby, you’ve charmed our hearts.  You giggle at strangers in the shopping cart, and play “tickle tickle” with any belly you spy.  You are a sweet joy, and a blessing to our lives.

Yesterday as I gazed at you in the morning sun,  I hoped one day you get to hold sweet, pudgy babies in your arms, and grow crows feet from laughing, and grey hairs from too many happy years.

Happy First Birthday Boobah!


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3 thoughts on “When a Baby is Born

  1. Oh my, what a wonderful post!

  2. Allandar on said:

    Happy birthday sweet El Diva!
    I’m loving watching you grow…and watching the effect you have on each member of your family!

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