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It’s Tall Girl’s Birthday Today…

…and it should be happy.  Because that’s one thing Tall Girl does really well is be happy.

Look! I'm official!

Except when she’s not.

Bad hair day.

I know that you’re getting older and it’s hard being stuck between this:

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!

and this:

Going on 16...

But you’re super smart, and kind, and funny, and loving, and pretty, and helpful, and resourceful, and likeable. Don’t forget the world’s biggest Harry Potter geek.

And you’ll do just fine. We love you Tall Girl. Thanks for making our lives all that much more brighter for being here. And for your birthday we’ll give you back your nose.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Tall Girl’s Birthday Today…

  1. Happy birthday Hermione!! Love you!

  2. Darlene on said:

    Happy Birthday my dear! We were just talking & chuckling about the day you were FINALLY born (you took your sweet time as I recall!) Then seeing you in the baby bucket in the hospital was a moment we will always treasure!

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