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Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!

Sweetie Pie. You are 9 years old today, and for you I wish…

that you never take off your hat.
that you start causing some trouble.
that you never stop drawing beautiful ladies wearing beautiful clothes on beautiful days.
that you want to bother me with what is bothering you.
that your smile could warm the whole world the way it warms us.
that everyone could taste your cooking.
that you keep on trying and trying.
that you tell us all your jokes because they too funny.
that they let you wear your scarf in school.

I’m so glad…

that you carry Baby everywhere.
you’re the best big sister.
you have such style.
you can dance, and sing, and play piano.
you do things that make you so nervous, but you do them anyway.
you always love God.
you are always kind, even when others aren’t.
you forgive everyone.

But most of all, I’m so glad you’re my daughter. God bless you Sweetie Pie.


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