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Check Out My Article at!

Wow!  I’m really honoured that my article,  Get Those Kids to Pitch In , is being featured at the Bring Back the Break hub at  It’s filled with quick, easy, and big-brood-Mom-tested ways to get your kids to help with housework.  There are a lot of other awesome articles posted there as well, like how to take better digital pictures, time management advice from an organization whiz, and tips on grammar for blogging Moms (hmm…better check that last one out!)

Take a few minutes and mosey on over!


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2 thoughts on “Check Out My Article at!

  1. Great article. I liked “done is the new perfect,” and I’m trying to think how I can apply being specific about tasks to my college freshman, “open the book, read the words . . . .” On the other hand, his apartment is spotless – the first thing he learned in college was that he doesn’t like cockroaches (also I think cleaning is more fun than math).

    • I spent my freshman year “open beer, pour in mouth…” I thought textbooks were things that kept the door open when you had too many people in your dorm room. By the way, I should apologize for not properly explaining “ironic” to someone from the West Coast. I was going to put together a montage of people singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, with winks and wry comments like “That’s sure some *Nose*!” between the verses, but every time I tried, I ended up sticking a fork in my forehead. Sorry….;-)

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