Sturm und Mom

The Storm & Stress (& Joy) of Motherhood

Oh Why….

…does the baby start waking up and screaming all night, after sleeping 8 hours straight for months?

…do the kids think their floor is clean, when it is covered with towels, and paper, and socks, and hair scrunchees?

…think that the proper place for their backpacks is 1½’ in front the back door?

…do all the towels end up rolled into a ball and lying on the floor as soon as someone finishes washing her hands?

…no matter how much you spend to get the kids nice clothes, they still wear their old camp T-shirt to school twice a week?

…that if someone is going to ring the doorbell, it will come during the one time, on the one day, I actually get the baby to nap through the afternoon?

…do I have to remind the girls every single day to brush their teeth? twice?

…is there too much food leftover to throw out, but too little to make another meal?

…do the kids love watching cheaply animated shows with blaring, grating music and really loud voices, over and over and over again?

…is the willingness of a pre-schooler to wear mitts, hat, and boots correlated inversely to how cold it is?

…when you say to kids “Be ready to leave at right at 10:00,” they hear “Be ready to spend 15 minutes getting ready at 10:00”?

…are six kids with the same genetic material, raised in exactly the same environment, so different?

…did God give us tween girls that think that they know everything there is to know?

…when kids find a jellybean on the floor, do they eat it?

…do I make sure everyone has clean laundry, except myself?

…do I dwell on all this stuff when in 20 years I probably won’t remember it, and instead only remember the happy times?
…aren’t I just happy now?


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