Sturm und Mom

The Storm & Stress (& Joy) of Motherhood

Internally Consistent — And Yummy!

Today Tall Girl started crying because she made a mistake, and Sweetie Pie thought she could cheer her up.  She came marching into the room, arms swinging and knees bouncing Marching Band-style, and started circling her sister chanting:

Bacon is yummy
Bacon is pigs
Pigs are yummy!

Now that’s some logic I can sink my teeth into!


Speaking of Tall Girl and her quest for perfection…On Saturday it was the Open House for her girls’ engineering club. I assumed, ahem, that it was an open house of the “drop by and check it out” variety, not “we will show you where we spent the tuition you gave us in a very structured three hours” variety. So, after 2 hours with all six kids we were done. We let them stuff their faces with the free Timbits and juice boxes (the kids never get juice boxes) in exchange for leaving early without anyone whining too badly. As I was shoehorning the Baby into her snowsuit, and corralling errant mittens, I noticed a high pitched noise in the background, getting louder and louder. I looked up to see Tall Girl positively vibrating and making this quiet little “eeeeee” sound. She had received the “Most Knowledgeable” award.  I have a picture of her pure bliss here:

The shutter speed was too fast to capture the motion

Well done sweetheart! I guess you can come down from on top of the playhouse now….


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