Sturm und Mom

The Storm & Stress (& Joy) of Motherhood

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

You’re 3 years old today and you rock!  I remember rushing to the hospital that night, with the neighbour watching your sisters, because everyone had their cell phones off.  In honour of boys who get stitches, I have a little tribute to you:

I love how bounce on your toes, laugh at SpongeBob, look for the garbage truck to wave to the driver
I love how you fight imaginary bad guys with your sister’s recorder, added “sweet, sweet” in front of honey, stand in front of the neighbours’ house to call out the boy who shoved you off the swings
I love that you call your sister “my best friend”, that you still want to cuddle, that you think people should stop when it says “stop”
I love your great big smile, that you hold my hand, you still need me to kiss away the tears
I love that you’re here
Happy Birthday Big Boy!


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