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Purple Peanut Has Left the Building

First off, who did I offend at Amazon to get this as a recommendation? I mean, I never knew them to be passive-aggressive before. This must be a misunderstanding. Sure, I’ve been using the library more, and all those Kindle Samples, but I’ll change. Just don’t add Liquid Gold to the list….


We were reminding Sweetie Pie how she used to live in a dream world when she was 4. We used to call it “Lulu’s World” like Elmo’s World.

“Oh yeah,” she said wistfully. “I remember Purple Peanut.”

“You mean your imaginary best friend?”

“Yeah. He moved to Athabasca. I really miss him.”


I try to put on a decent front when we all go out as a group, but I’m about to give up. Today at Church, one kid was running around with her snow boots on the wrong feet, and the boy!  He was wearing a clean shirt when he left the house, and by the time he took his coat off, it was filthy — covered in lint, smudges and oil stains!  It was like he went through a car wash deposited dirt onto to you.  How do you get a grease stain from the inside of a Snow Jacket?  God knows what people behind us are thinking…..


Today, Art Girl asked how old we were.

“I’m 41 and Dad’s 40.”

“Oh, right,” she said.  “I forgot.  I used to think Dad was older because he was taller, but then I learned that you shrink when you get old.  So, now I know that Mom is way, way older than Dad.”

I stared at her open mouthed.

“It’s true.  That’s why (Tall Girl) is almost as tall as you Mom.  You’re shrinking.”


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