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Hey, Pox Party Anti-Immunization Types: Answer me this…..

I knew about Pox Party types (though they didn’t have that great name) from when I still Homeschooled.  They would use the email notification tree to try to hook up with other Chicken Pox suffering kids, or offer their kids as a “Typhoid Baby,” as it were.  While I defend your right to decline or delay immunizations, I just don’t get one thing:

When I was growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s , it was common to meet adults who were childhood survivors of Polio.  But since immunizations, nothing.  Same with German Measles, Tetanus, and, for that matter, Chicken Pox.  So if these immunizations are so bad, why do they work so well?

But parents really don’t need any more paranoia, based on what feels “icky.”  After 10 years, I have developed a thick skin for the “I know the secret to perfect parenting because I read on the Internet.”  You’re the parent, do what you think best.  For me, it will be decision making based on reality.





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