Sturm und Mom

The Storm & Stress (& Joy) of Motherhood

What’s the Return Policy on the Undead?

I asked my two year old Big Boy, on the way to the Hospital, what he wanted for Christmas.

“A zombie.”


“So I can play with him.”

“Um..okay.  What else?”

“Another zombie.”

“You want two zombies?”

“Yeah.  They’re nice.  I’ll play with them.”

“Okay.  Big Boy.  Now, think big.  If you could have anything for Christmas, anything at all, what would it be?”

“A gun.”

“A gun?”

“Yeah.  To shoot the zombies.”

“Come on, Sweetie.  Isn’t there anything, like something REALLY BIG, that you want for Christmas?”

He looked up and, with a voice quiet and awe-filled said:

“A really big zombie.”


Don’t quit your day job, kids

I was driving with Tall Girl, age 10, and the Sheryl Crow song Soak Up the Sun came on the radio.

“Wow!  I’m amazed.  This sounds sooo much better than when MiniPops does it!”


Well, I guess since He is everywhere…

Big Boy was using the washroom, when he excitedly called my name.

Leaning over he pointed at the half-empty wastebasket beside him on the floor.

“Look, Mom!  I see Jesus!”


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