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Cute stuff kids do, that adults can’t get away with

I was having a rotten day and the kids knew it. My six year old decided to cheer me up.

“Mommy, I made you a picture book.” She handed me a series of drawings stapled together. The title?

I am Special. Yep, this super cute booklet which made me feel a whole lot better (really!) was all about how special SHE was. I started thinking: What if an adult did that?

“I’m so sorry your mother died. Here. I thought a photo book of myself might cheer you up. Look – on the last page I made a collage of all my trophies and achievements!”

So on that note, I started brainstorming things that kids do that are so damn cute, but wouldn’t wash as an adult.

– Repeatedly misrepresent your age.

– Draw a picture of a Princess that looks like it’s actually a goose.

– Invite strangers to your birthday party.

– Refer to yourself as “a big boy.”

– Tell your mother that don’t want to marry her anymore.

– Watch the same 10 episodes of your favourite TV show over and over and over, again.

– Apply lip gloss to your eye lids and brows.

– Pair flip flops with a dress shirt and cords.

– Take food into the bathroom.

– Believe that “chicken” the food and “chicken” the animal, are two totally different things.

– Insist that inanimate objects be served the same breakfast as you.

– Wear a hat 3 sizes too small.

– Plan on having your wedding catered by McDonald’s.

– Ask everyone at the table if you can try their food and drink.

– Ask someone “if they were alive back then.”

– “Do you want to see a picture of me as a baby?”

– Want to take medicine because you enjoy the taste.

– Repeat the joke you just heard from the person beside you, because it got a laugh.

– Put on a puppet show with Popsicle sticks.

Now that I list it out, childhood seems like the Diplomatic Immunity of weird behavior. Enjoy it while it lasts, kids. Your underwear on head days are numbered.


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