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All Hallows Eve

Today we passed a car driven by a young lady who was desperately missing a young man named Nathan, who passed away about a year ago at the age of 35. How do I know? Because she had used a Sharpie to write his name, birth and death dates on the hood of her trunk. This is as we passed by at least six “Spirit of Halloween” stores full of pagan, death orgy decorations. (Not that I have anything against Halloween per se. It just gets a bit much when you have to rush your preschoolers out of the costume store, because they’re screaming in terror at the disemboweled man lawn ornament.)

Which made me think of the original meaning of Halloween – All Hallows Eve – All Saints Day, followed the next day by All Souls Day. The time of year when the whole Church comes together to pray for those souls in heaven, and those souls who will soon be in heaven, including our own. Without this hope, without a way to connect to our loved ones, without a way to reconcile with those with whom we never had a chance to, without a way to make sense of our own mortally, this is what happens: Zombie decorations on your lawn and a car turned into a moving tombstone.


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