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Surrender is not an option!

Yesterday, my middle daughter was joining Sparks for the first time and she needed a pink sash for the ceremony that was only available online through the Girl Guides store.  The tracking link said that it was on the truck, bumping around the city, and was due to be delivered at any time.  I must of thrown the door open 20 times hoping to see a little packing box on the door step, but as the clock chimed 4, I knew that drastic measures were needed.

I ran upstairs and started raiding my older daughters “Special Boxes” for their Sparks mementos.  I took off the pins, flipped it inside out and – Voila – one makeshift Sparks sash, suitable for picture opportunities, and general sleight of hand.  The District Commissioner told me after that she had to stop laughing when she went to poke the Sparks pin through the fabric, and felt all these badges on the other side!

The secret to large family logistics:  Plan, plan, plan for success, and if it doesn’t work out — fudge it until it works!

Update – Checked the tracking link today, and it says “Freight not worked.”  I feel like someone stood up by a blind date.  🙂


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