Sturm und Mom

The Storm & Stress (& Joy) of Motherhood

“Phrases that are Lowering the Birth Rate” Example #1

Words have meaning and power, we’re always told, they have consequences — or least the words that someone wants to ban.  In 40 years, when you are stranded in the hallway of your nursing home and no one is coming to push your wheel chair, you can in part blame these words:

“High value off-spring”

That’s you by the way.  Do you feel high-value?  Cuz you are.  I ran across this gem in a article on the Canadian Encyclopedia.  According to academia, people have been using contraception since the mid-19th century to limit their family size and produce, well, more expensive children.  So I guess that would include us from the two-child-three-years-apart-because-Mom’s-done family.

Of course having children just because and to arrange your funeral after you’re gone is selfish, but having a few to maximize your investment is just good commodity economics.


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